Suzanne Imre

Brand Strategy

Define and elevate your brand

Brand Strategy

Editing a successful magazine is so much more than having an eye for the right image and an ear for great copy. It is about working with the perfect partners to create the right associations and exploring new platforms that extend the brand reach. But mostly, it is about creating an environment that resonates with a target audience, that touches them and speaks to them in ways that remain with them, long after your immediate connection has passed.

And it is the strategy behind that environment which forms the basis of a great brand - that, and great product or content, of course! Who is the audience? What excites them now and what will excite them next? Is the offering right for them? How and where to connect with them? And how to become not only relevant, but essential, in their lives.

I can help you see your brand with fresh eyes, work with you on brand positioning and identity, and I bring extensive industry knowledge to every project. I can give you clear development structures and work with you on strategic planning, both short and long term. And while I am highly commercial, I always push for the visually exciting and beautiful.

Simply put, let me help you make your brand iconic.


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